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Real Stories... real people

Therapeutic After School Program

"Our 7 year old grandsonwas diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He wasfailing second grade and was having so many behavior problems at school. I received phone calls almost every day telling me that he was either in trouble for acting out or had gotten suspended for fighting. In fact, the school kept asking me to either sit with him in class or to take him home since he was so disruptive and defiant.We had to come to a point and admit that our grandson's emotional / behavioral problems were far beyond what our love, nurture and discipline could do for him.

Eventhough medication treatment helped improve his ability to focus, we continued to get phone calls from school. We recognized that he still suffered with the problems most ADHD children struggle with; he needed help in developing hissocial, self-regulation, coping, communicationand problem solving skills. After enrolling him in IBSG's Therapeutic After School Program, his behaviorimproved so much that the distressing telephone calls from the school completely stopped. His grades shot up and he was taken off the list of failing students who were required toattend summer school. His teacher and principal both raved about the 180o turnaround in his behavior, attitude, and academic progress. He is now an honor roll student.

We are proud and amazed at all the things our grandson learned in IBSG'sbehavioral rehabilitation program. We were especially impressed that he continued to mature and apply what he had learned long after graduating from the program."

Therapeutic Summer Program

"We adopted a little boy and his behavioral issues took us on what felt like an endless roller-coasterride. He exhibited such extreme tantrums, defiant behaviors, andat times seemed so angrywith the whole world ;we honestly did not know what to do with himor for him. Sometimes, we felt like total failures.

We had gotten use to the"bad news"phone calls andexpulsions from the local camps and summer programs who informed us that their staff were not able to handle such behaviors. As a last resort, we enrolled him in IBSG's Summer Program. I remember feeling nervous andanxiously waiting for "the phone call " that said, 'Comeget him." I was surprised that I did not receive a phone call topick him up the first two weeks ... nor for the entire summer. My husband and I were thrilled to learn that the clinical director understood the issues and needs of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. She and her staff were equipped to handle children who do not respond toregular behavior management interventions.

Even though our son had a highIQ and read4-5 grade levels above his peers, he was not socially, emotionally or behaviorally mature enough to participate in other programs that could further enrich him. That summer,he discovered several strengths and talents that he did not know he had (African drumming, double-dutch jump roping, and skate boarding, and art). His self-regulation skills and self-esteem blossomed. The program helped him emotionally and socially improve to the point that he was finally accepted into a gifted and talented program with an IEP. We must admit...THAT PROGRAM WORKS!"

Individual Therapy

My whole world had come crashing down when I was referred to IBSG for individual therapy.A fewmonths before getting help, I almost lost my life in a fire that engulfed my apartment building. I was faced with only two options - to give up and be burned alive or to jump several stories from my balcony. The smoke was so black and thick that I could not see or breathe. Like an angel sent from God, a fireman appeared out of nowhere. I was miraculously rescued.

For a while, I held myself together as I tried to put it all behind me. Like a sneak attack, my world came crashing down as my motivation to work, deal with family and friends, eat, sleep and take care of myself came to a screeching halt. The aftermath of the trauma had turned me into a nervous wreck. Fortunately, the genuine care and concern, professional skills and wisdom of my therapist helped me get back on my feet. Thanks to the folks at IBSG, I feel stronger, happier and healthier than I did before the trauma and the family drama.

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